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Thanks so much for stopping by our site. Since you are here, we assume that you share the same enthusiasm for IKEA® furniture as we do! We are very excited about the opportunity to provide an affordable alternative to IKEA®.com's shipping rates. And since the closest store is nearly 300 miles away, we'll make the trip so you don't have to. Have a look around and please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks again!

-Expedite St. Louis


placing an order

1Select your Itmes

Locate the desired items from or the IKEA Catalog. We will pick-up any non-perishable item, large or small.

2Enter Your Order

Enter the information into the Automated Quote form.

How do I place an order?

  1. Include the Product URL from the IKEA® website,
  2. Include the product name and classifications,
  3. Specify the color/material you desire,
  4. State the quantity you desire for each product.
  5. Then Update the order total and click submit when ready.

3Choose your delivery option

Decide between pick-up or delivery options.

4Confirm Your Order

We will then pick-up your order on the next scheduled trip to IKEA.Pick-ups and deliveries will be scheduled over the course of the following week.


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